Frequently asked questions

We've compiled a list of the questions that we are asked the most often. If you can't find the answer using our FAQ page, please get in touch with us here.



1 When can I pick up my work?

Finished pieces are available after the drying and firing process, up to eight weeks after the scheduled course/experience date.

2 Can you ship my work to my home country?

International shipping is available. We can package multiple products together in one box to reduce the cost of shipping. Please check our shipping rate schedule. Shipped pieces that are returned to us as undeliverable will be stored in our studio only for six months starting from the date of return.

Yachimun Dojo is not liable for lost or stolen packages and releases responsibility upon transfer of order to the shipping carrier. Yachimun Dojo is not responsible for additional shipping charges incurred if packages are returned due to customer absence, errors in shipping addresses or package refusal.

3 How will my work look after firing?

After firing, your work may shrink to about 20% of the orignial size, and the color of the glaze might show slight differences. On wheel-thrown works, a small hairline crack may appear on the bottom after firing. If one does appear, it may still be usable. Also, we will write an inventory number on the bottom of your work.

However, if by chance your piece is damaged, we'll gladly refund your payment in full – no questions asked. We issue refunds via PayPal, so please be sure to provide us with your email address. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can create one after receiving an email message from Paypal about transferred money.

4 Can I opt not to fire my work?

We require all works to be fired.

5 What type of kiln will my work be fired in?

Work will be fired in one of our gas or electric kilns.

6 What type of clay will be used?

We use mainly red soil that is indigenous to Okinawa.

7 What is the size of your classes?

Our class sizes range between 1 and 24 participants.

8 What comes included in your classes?

All participants will receive clay and a kiln firing of their work. All other materials, tools, aprons, etc., are provided.

9 Is parking available?

Unfortunately, we do not have parking spaces. Please use one of the several coin parking lots located within a short walking distance of our workshop.

10 Are your classes and experiences offered in English?

Our classes and experiences are offered in your choice of English or Japanese.